Meet Your REALTOR®

Jonny James - My Victoria Realtor Growing up all over the world from England to Australia, Holland, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, Jonny has lived in some of the most beautiful, architecturally and culturally diverse cities in the world. He learned an appreciation for real estate and how diverse it can be from one place to another, but how the importance of family and friends can really unite a community. Moving to Victoria 7 years ago, Jonny was amazed at the sense of community and settled down with his wife, a local of Victoria. Since this time his love of Victoria and the beauty of the Island has only intensified and could not think of anywhere in the world he would rather live and find homes for others. For over a decade Jonny has established himself as a successful Red Seal Executive Chef in highly popular restaurants throughout the world. It was working as a Chef that Jonny learned core values which he puts into practice in his work and personal life, in order to get the best results for his clients. Values such as teamwork, honesty, negotiating, great communication skills, reliability and good old hard work. He believes that the more you put into work the more you will get out of it, and building relationships with people not only for the length of the transaction, but for a lifetime. Jonny has a degree in International Business, focusing on marketing and cultural dimensions in business, an aspect he is extremely interested in, having lived and travelled to close to 50 countries. This has allowed him to understand the needs and motivations of buyers and sellers from different cultures to find the highest return for his clients. Being a Chef, Jonny understands that a healthy lifestyle is important to running a  good business, and finding that balance between work and personal time is important. When away from the office he loves to play sports, especially soccer, and going to the gym with his wife, while camping up Island with friends in the summer months. As buying or selling a home is one of, if not the biggest investment you are likely to make, it is his goal to understand your needs, to work together to establish what you are looking for. Using his knowledge and expertise of the real estate market to successfully produce a marketing plan to buy or sell your home and then negotiate effectively to get you the best possible price. But further to this, he strives to make this process as enjoyable and fun as possible, and hope that through this, you can enjoy a great relationship for years to come.

- Jonny James